Sound Reinforcement and Production Support

About RV

Rhythmic Visions provides sound reinforcement services that are crisp, clean and perfectly at home handling a wide variety of music genres for audience sizes ranging from small to medium in the Central Florida area.

We provide sound reinforcement and production support for benefit concerts, paid concerts,fashion shows,talent shows,weddings,music festivals, band tours and other events in
Central Florida that need professional sound reinforcement services to achieve that much coveted success.

We not only think of ourselves as a Sound Reinforcement Company but as a Live Performance
Reinforcement Company.

Special Events

Special events are just that, special and unique productions that can take place in any venue. They often have extremely tight schedules and budgets, and offer no second chances, as they are a one time occurrence. Whether small or medium Rhythmic Visions can help you plan a successful event.

RV Mindset

“Rhythmic Visions understands the importance of quality sound.”

Match up the essentials of the client and the event with the simplest, best and most reliable equipment that fulfills those needs. However, when we consult with a client we don't initially talk about equipment or technology. We talk about a solution to a vision and allow them to focus purely on their vision while we help out with not only production but logistics.

Rhythmic Visions understands the importance of quality sound. We always work together with our clients, keeping the lines of communication open so that they can see our initial work and how it progresses toward the event. Before the actual event we consult with the client and present the anticipated setup to enable them to test what we have worked on and make suggestions before we finalize our work.

Our company offers the professional models of the following sound reinforcement equipment

Our transportable sound systems have been assembled through the careful selection of reliable, professional products from well known and highly respected manufacturers with the main emphasis on the client/musicians and their needs. Most of the equipment we utilize are also built in the United States, our minute gesture to promote domestic growth.

Our Services

Our company offers the professional models of the following sound reinforcement equipment

• Amplifiers
• Audio mixing consoles
• Bi amped & tri amped Speakers
• Dynamic microphones

• Condenser microphones
• Wireless microphones
• Effect racks

Some of the activities we routinely perform include:

• Site surveys and production coordination meetings
• Contacting all performing acts to advance their stage requirements (technical ryder)
• Coordination with facilities and supporting associates
• Working within local community sound level guidelines and timeframes
• Application of safe work practices
• Friendly and helpful FOH and stage technicians

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“An unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is our main goal.”

So if you're looking for a sound reinforcement company that pays attention to detail and strives to exceed your expectations, try looking at us. We won't try to sell you something you don't need, just viable solutions for the things that you do need. Because an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is our main goal.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Darrell Bolden / Owner